Plant Amendment

Foliar Spray


GreenSafe™ Plant Amendment reduces surface tension, permitting improved absorption of moisture and nutrients. This reduces the amount and cost of nutrients needed for optimum health, growth and yield.  Plant Amendment increases

GreenSafe™ Foliar Spray is an adjuvant that blends easily with nutrients, herbicides, fungicides and pesticides to increase their efficiency.  Foliar Spray reduces surface tension improving absorption of moisture and nutrients to increase growth and quality for all crops.


The Forerunner in All Natural Plant Based Nutrient Enhancers.


GreenSafe™ Cleaner Is an all-natural concentrated mixture of plant and oil seed extracts proven effective cleaning agents. It is an efficient cleaner and scale remover without harsh chemicals that can contaminate products, harm workers or leave residues and odors. It poses no risk to people, animals, birds or beneficial insects.